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[31 Jan 2007|06:34pm]
[ mood | these faces are really ugly ]

so january is gone. thats cool. like seriously that was a really fast month.

but anyways, i totally said i was gunna write in it but im pretty bad at the whole keeping up with my life thing right now.
so lets see OMG big news, welll not really but for me it is so alllright

> so shemayne quite coaching us cause we suck, she was making fun of our times and telling us were werent supportive of eachother and told us that AHA totally owned us so, she quit along with the rest of the coaching staff for winter & spring, which i thought was reallly good news. but apparently it  wasnt and everyone was like crying and it was a little depressing and i was like if shes too lazy to deal with a bad team then shes shouldnt be our coach and we should be happy.

not that im ever doing track again but seriously it was lame.

anyways now gym is gunna be  a little AWK but better cause im not doing spring and now she wont know that! woooo spring = bosco crew. yayayay thats exciting. meeting tomorrow? i think wellll

now i have to study for chem,
laterz - katay!

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[08 Jan 2007|10:50pm]
[ mood | weird ]

so here we go!
well i kinda forget what i used to write about in this thing. well okay

ahhhh this weeekend oh man i dont even wantto start. between the demon child i babysat and childrens theater lleewoah.
HIGHLIGHT: ALEX DRIVES. when shes not stalling
TRAUMATIZING: the demon within a 6 year old girl.

but this week is going to be like the worst week ever.  after missing tomorrow of school i am so behind on 2 essays and 2 tests. haha
and shemaymay said that she feels bad for us tomorrow because we're gunna be in the most pain ever.
thats like a threat and im really thinknig of a way to get out of it; i have NHS damn i dont know how thats gunna work.
so basically , help!

wellll this weekend should be pretty good
jump-in! on friday lololol and nayds'ssss but its only tuesday and im looking way too far into the future.

i just need to invent something that stops time so i can catch up hardxcore. on everything. like that lame ass movie clockstopppers but it was cool when they moved the water, anyways i have nothing to do but complain so i will stop now =]

PS if the fire alarm goes off weds, its me a nayds. lol

<3333333333 katay.

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[02 Jan 2007|12:50pm]
[ mood | dig it. ]

new years resoloution: use my eljay!
thus taking more time away from studying. sweet deal.

kay so im kinda back?

> katay

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[27 Jun 2006|04:45pm]
me and shannon made a really pretty cake
its a salmon colored cake with two layers
and it has green icing and pink icing
and it has red & pink writing icing on it
and it says shannon <3 (except a normal heart)'s katay!!!
but shannon really doesn't at all
i put it there cu z  i'm a loser & have no friends
i'll post pictures later since i'm still taking them
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[14 Jun 2006|07:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

MM HMM props to naydsy for tagging me just as i was gunna start studying.
but thats okay cause 17th century can wait and i will do this nice little survey.

List seven songs you're into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions on your lj along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

  1. spitting game- snow patrol
  2. criminal- fiona apple
  3. girl from the north country- boberty dylan
  4. Say Yes! To M!ch!gan!- Sufjan Stevens
  5. At the bottom of everything- bright eyes
  6. la vie boheme & santa fe- rent original blah blah
  7. bodybag- hit the lights..  ahaha guily pleasure.

so whoever did not do this yet, feel free, esp, sana, jess, emma, shannon. & so on.

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[05 Jun 2006|05:51pm]
[ mood | AHH!!! ]

Hi folks, once again i need your quotes for my nice litter journalism assignments
so, tell me :

What do you think of the british invasion of the 60's (beatles, who, kinks)?
What you think about british invasion now (artic monkeys. Blur, Oasis)?

compare them, why they rock, which is better , whatever just say something intelligent haha

thanks, if you participate, if not, pooo on you.

- katie.

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[31 May 2006|07:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well that was a pretty pointless update and theyre kinda not obvious but they are, mmm.

so i want to watch RENT and eat panera bread but, once again my brother did not pull through and forgot everything lolol, it doesnt really matter but im so craving it right now, what a slacker he never does anything.

OHHH BOII, two words, house party.

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[28 May 2006|10:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

just got back from virginia, soccer tournament, and it was an seven hour drive, theres was obber amounts of traffic and it was al rainy so i took some pictures on the way there, yeah sure
and everytime the flash went off my dad thought it was lightniing and it was really funny, good times.

and then i play 4 games in total of soccer. ot was crazy cool and a lot of fun, we ddin't like win but thats okay cause according to beer belly coach i have we were "gutsy" and left a lot on the field, sure whatever you say

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[25 May 2006|07:39pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

well here it is.
inspired by nayds and her cludio-ness. and the coheed conversation we had; here we go.

This is what i do in west civ

this is the real coheed and we are going to be famous someday; yesssir.
its kinda small but photobucket is confusing me
its thurday and i have notihng to do which bores me and well yeah okay,
i am going to virginia tomorrow
please txt me cause i dunno if i'll have internet and oh boi i hope i do and call em whatever.

oh polease, its goin to be so gay. 201 707 6747

urr in othernews, actually nevermind i'm tired and i ahve to pack

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[18 May 2006|09:34pm]
[ mood | calm ]

for some reason i really love this picture

its a new twist on an old favorite? yeha sure.
that was pretty much the point to this entry
and i have to study spanish so buh bye now!
camping this weekend where coheed's blood red summer video was shot
yes i know not as cool as seeing them but shut up you select ed stupid fayces you.

Hynotist guy is totaly being my sweet 16. OH BOI.
yeah he is

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[10 May 2006|11:34pm]
[ mood | STREP ]


This is how it works: Comment on this entry and get a letter (if you want to play).
Then in your journal, write 10 words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.

this is kida hard

  1. elephants- i dunno lizzie likes them and there was green elephant day, July 11, when we wore green and that was a geh-fun FMS thing to do; sure.
  2. Eeeee- something to type/ say when you'r efreaking out in a weird way.  probably originated from the music man eeegaeds. yeah i went there.
  3. evangelist- haha thats emma's religion and i'm just haveing a really hard time thinking of words and if i put "emma" for some reason i think that would be creepy
  4. earth- well we live on it and i kinda wanna do thing to protect it but i suck at getting involved so yeah. goo earth!
  5. eighteen- an age that makes me legal; eww gross. no but really legality would be cool.  unless i committed a crime cause at this age my parents can't be blamed and i would ahve to g oto the slammer.
  6. eggrolls- all i have to say is YUM and i love asian food, i bet in another life i was asian because i would also be good at DDR if iapplied my self, not bragging or anyithing, but oh yeah i challenge you.
  7. elope- i thikn that luke should have eloped w/ loreli,  as of now i like christopher bettter anyways.
  8. energy- i don't have any of this; school is burining me out and i need summer!!!
  9.  empire records- super dooper movie; nayds props to you cause you inspired me to watch it.  the first time i watched it i watched it like 4 times in a row; saaaaawet .
  10. Eric Matthews- what a stand up chap.  hes really cool and is on boy meets world a really awesome show in my opnion.

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[04 May 2006|10:29pm]
[ mood | hiay! ]

have fun ...

love, katie.
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[30 Apr 2006|10:37am]
[ mood | asdfghj ]

kay give me quotes for journalism:

1. opnion on dane cook OR mitch hedberg
2. opnion on comedy of the 1930-40's (marx brothers, laurell and hardy, abbot and cotello)
3. has comedy changed for the better?/ 4. which one do you like better & why?

hav efun anwserin these.


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[29 Apr 2006|11:33pm]
[ mood | how loose is ur goose? ]

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself, saying who tagged you. In the end you need to choose the 6 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs. that inspired me to update JESSS tagged me

so okay, i have this huge bump on my head aka a horn and it kida hurts. 
ps, its not like it just appeared it cause i ran into a girl's shoulder during soccer game after heading the ball like 2039453 times. 
urrr i didn't go out tonight cause i got home at like 8 and was really lazy, but, it was really fun watching titanic i just hate that jack died and i didn;t wanna like leave it at him dead so i had to watch the first tape agagin and be like NO, hes alive.   but yeah so i made my own ending up.

last night, was dawn and danielle's sweet 16er and it was ALOT more fun then expect, sure it had its faults cough cough BUT i was really able to eliminate the predetermined assumptions i made about people and give them another chace, sometimes it tured out they were the same way as i thoguht but other times there was a positive outcome and it made me really happy.  yeah wow that was deep. or not hmmmmmmm

<3's katay.

ps, overbreak i went to see RENT. and OMG its a new obsession, love love love. then i made sana come over and watch the movie with me the day after && all i have t osay is thats going to be added to the DVD collection very soon.  as soon as a trip to costco takes place. yeha i just can't stop listeing to it.
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[20 Apr 2006|11:05am]
hiya. just incase you guy still watned them, here are some pictures me and my fellow classmates took the day before break started? yea some time during school and it was good times had by alll.


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[17 Apr 2006|11:47pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i'm thinkin friday we take a trip down to SIX FLAGS.
who digs???

and i'm like ferrealz serious i will make a edit tomorrow after my mama makes her decision.

peace out playa

EDIT: oh poo; my mom decided to bail and i might have caught her at a bad time with the whole asking her constatly thing i was doing so, yyeah. no six flags from me sorry to get those hopes up. waaa-waaa's. but during the summmer we shall plan one and it will work out this time cause the summer is big and we can go at some random time. mmm kay i'll shut up now and leave you all to cry.


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[10 Apr 2006|07:29pm]
[ mood | hiay! ]

i haven't updated in a realllly ooober long time; but i did a long one like a month ago so that made me lazy.
its basically because eljay isn't is school anymore so i always forget/ am too lazy when i get home to do anything. 
lets see MY LIFE consisted of pirates which i love and track witch if it took humanform i would have no problem stabbing in the stomach repeatidly. 

MEET: sat. wake up 6.20 get to IHA 7.00; meet beigns 9.00 find out i am running the 28th!?  event.  did i mention it took us 3 hours to get through like 8 events. OH YEAH and it was hailing out.  LUCILY, shemayne wasn't her nazi crazy self and she let us leave at 12 but  didn;t take to bus and had to wait there while he got lost in Nanuet or Nyac i can't remember. s othat was a GEH start to my saturday
 BUT it ended plesitly when i got to be  a thereapist at the auction and chillax with sana/ naydsy/ maddie/ alex/ jess/ anne cause she attacked me as i spotted and a select few other my favorte being sr. lisa. 

&&&& OMG FRIDAY= bowling! that was loads of fun seeing people from pirates but it was kinda sad that my thmb would not fit into the hole resulting in a callus and a really low score EXCEPT for the oen strike I got; iwas really proud. i thoguht i was good at bowling, i was sadly mistaken.  but jut like runing around with emma and getting called a old asian lady while my differnet faces/ reactions got made fun of happened to be a good way to spend a friday. 

MMMM PANERA, just ate it; pretty must the only reason i can stand track.


remeber: taken like at night so they look all funny. =)

the end <3!
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[27 Mar 2006|07:42pm]
[ mood | okay ]

life is moving way too quickly and its giving me a stomach ache. or maybe that was the sushi.
everything needs to slow down.
SLOW DOWN QUICKLY. clever i know; but thats what i want the world to do. i have so much on my mind.

kthxbye. =)

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[24 Mar 2006|10:31pm]
[ mood | jazzed ]

my cell phone screen is shattered but it still works
it happened on monday so if you every try to drop me a line you kinda have t oleave a message of you want me to know who you are.

just in case you were wondering.


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[22 Mar 2006|10:43pm]
[ mood | gar! ]

new picture in info! ... for a while but thats okay.
the end.

ps. crew is really fun. wooooopie.
pps. i'm really tired and hate track
ppps. my mom is really strict about grades and its pissing me off.

now its the end

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